Plessey at the Edge book

Notice to All Contributors

A major local publisher is planning to produce a glossy heritage publication called 'The Way We Worked' and which will encompass six of the major industries based in Liverpool over the last 40-50 years. The first printed release of the 'ATE/Plessey/GPT/Marconi' story at Edge Lane will be part of that publication. In order to consider the stories and images that will be used, we need everyone who has provided material so far to update their contribution (where applicable) and provide additional information as described in the document below.

If You Have A Story To Tell ?

If you have memories of colleagues, occasions, events or moments in your working life that you would like to submit for inclusion in the book, consider the suggestions below on what could be included in your story :

  • your story of your working life whilst based at Edge Lane
  • what was working there like for you personally ?
  • your memories, good and bad, either totally work related or personal to you that you do not mind sharing
  • how your life worked around working at Edge Lane
  • the incidents or events that you will never forget
  • what you did and where and when
  • what was going on at the time internal to the Company
  • local or world events which affected the Company, colleagues or other staff
  • relationships and friendships
  • how technology changed over your employment period
  • how life changed over your employment period
  • what you did or said or didn't do that affected others
  • the people you worked with
  • the characters you worked with
  • the work 'community' you knew
  • the industrial phases you experienced
  • from the machine shops to automation in System X
  • from the wiring racks to printed circuit boards
  • from the hot water geysers in the covered way to vending machines
  • from rotary dial handsets to Payphone
  • demarcation :- staff and hourly paid; inter-union; unions and management
  • Edge Lane versus Coventry
  • people no longer with us
  • what made you laugh, 'cry' or angry or things or events that will you never forget
Try to include detail about what was happening around the site at the time, maybe who you were working with or for, what you did, how many people worked there, or anything else that sticks out in your mind. It could be how you got to work then or what product or technology you were working on or how many people worked on the site. Your story could be a paragraph or a chapter. It does not matter how short or how long or what particular era or time in your working life. They will all be welcome contributions.

If you are interested in contributing something in writing about your memories of working at Edge Lane or you have some memorabilia or archive material to offer then please contact any of the following: