Plessey at the Edge book

Some brief extracts of stories gathered so far:

"...we stayed in the Adelphi for the duration of the System X course programme at Company rates which included an evening meal. However you could exchange this for beer if you had the right waiter!....."

"...heading back to Edge Lane across the wasteland between the covered way and the shops which lined the road, it was quite an amazing site to see a row of buses lined up as far as you could see looking towards the city centre......"

"...from the first day I started in The Auto, as everyone from Liverpool knew the company, although by then it had been taken over by Plessey. Myself and the other starters from that day had been taken for our free meal in the Dutch Barn as the giant canteen was known as, although its official name was the Strowger canteen....."

" initial memory of my first day, apart from having to get up so early, was getting off the 60 bus at the top of the Lane and being overcome by a strong, pungent smell. I later found out this was the stench of dead animal carcasses from the nearby Prescot Road Abattoir....."

"...I worked in 24 as an inspector on Strowger equipment, I can remember on nights, we had a set amount of work to inspect and when it was completed we would get our heads down. The foreman would get on a bike about an hour before finishing time, and ride up and down the floor ringing the bell to wake people up....."