Plessey at the Edge book


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  • Martisan Photography
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  • Mills Media Limited (formerly John Mills Photography), 2 Morpeth Wharf, Twelve Quays, Wirral, CH41 1LF
Many thanks to the following ex-colleagues for providing information and material:
Ron Adlington        Terry Allen        Carole Black        James Carson        Liam Coffey        Gerry Cosgrove        Alf Cull        Martin Davies        Maureen Douglas (now Butler)        Chris Farrow        Derek Fell        Eric Fleming        Pete Harris        Glynn Holt        Chris Howard        Mel Hughes        Kenny Jones        Andy Keane        Adrian Levin        Mark Killen        Linda McGee        Kevin McNeece        Roy Montrose        Graham Nickels        Jim Nolan        David O'Brien        Tom Quaile        Colin Roberts        Les Shan        Ron Sharkey        Russell Smith        Alan Storey        Charlie Treasure        Paul Unsworth        Alan Walker        Pete Walsh        Mike Wickham       Ian Wilson       Walter Yule  

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